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Data Protection is Our Mission!

Boole Server is the first multi-award winning Data Centric Protection software to secure protect, exchange and manage any confidential data.
Boole Server is a secure, scalable system designed to safeguard sensitive data, while allowing it to be shared with staff, partners and customers as and when needed.
Boole Server
ensures that data cannot be lost or stolen when in transit or on the server and that only authorized recipients can use, edit or view specific files.

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Boole Server is totally integrated in Microsoft environment and now available in Bulgaria and Macedonia, translated in 8 languages (chinese and bulgarian included)
The latest Boole Server software release adds a further, even more impenetrable protection which is focused on audio and video files. Boole Server presents its data encryption solution: thanks to the new release, it will be possible to protect and share any type of multimedia file – both video (.mov, .avi, .mpeg, .wmv, .mp4, .flv, .swf) and audio (.mp3, .wav, .wma) – in the most secure way.

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